alexis bittar // kim k

Flipping through the April 14' edition of Elle US I came across this ad which caught my eye. I was enjoying the styling, the asymmetrical earrings, the gangster getup in a fine jewelry ad; before I started to get the feeling that those eyes look awfully familiar...

the varsity team // sport fashion

There is a Portlandia-ish (put a bird on it!) nature to my love of numbers on apparel, so the sports trend going on right now puts a smile on my mug.

The one thing about the trend that turns my smile upside down is the pairing of sports jerseys with heels. I get the whole high/low thing about it, but personally it just feels wrong. I can let it slide for #75 up top because the rest of the outfit is just so good and the heels are more substantial than most. A better shoe option would be those nice little Adidas Originals X Opening Ceremony lace ups. 

I know some of the other ladies are rocking heels in the looks shown above but luckily in these particular images we can't see them! Out of sight, out of mind.

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Peabody Essex Museum // Fashion Exhibits

The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts has hosted some of my favorite fashion related exhibits in the past few years. The first I was able to attend at the lovely museum was the blockbuster Iris Apfel affair in 2010, Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel. The lady herself helped style the clothing and more importantly the jewelry she had donated. Pieces from Apfel's own jewelry collection were available for purchase in the gift shop.

Following the Apfel Exhibit, PEM hosted the photography exhibit in 2011 titled Man Ray | Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism. Though not a fashion exhibit in the typical sense, the influence Man Ray, Lee Miller, and surrealism in general had over the fashion world is clear.

Most recently PEM hosted, Future Beauty: Avant-Garde Japanese Fashion, which ended last month in January 2014. Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto featured prominently in the exhibit that covered the Japapense fashion scene from the 80's onward. Many of the designs featured in the exhibit can be found in the book, Fashion A History from the 18th to the 20th century, published by Taschen, authored by The Kyoto Costume Institute.

m. cyrus // m. jacobs

This is quite nice.  Marc really knows how to fashion one up. I could do without the tats, but after the teddy bear leotards and latex panties this is the photo equivalent of one of those hot towels they give you on flights and in Japanese restaurants.

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mary kate olsen // yellow heels

Thank you fellow unincarcerated adult citizens of the USA for doing your civic duty and voting on Tuesday. Now we all deserve a good Mary Kate Olsen scan from the vaults for being so good.

hot child in the kitchen // cooking style

Ever since the weather cooled down I have been loving my kitchen. It's warm and cozy and it's where the food is (yum). Something about working in the kitchen is sexy, maybe it's the control or the old school domesticity of it, but as you can see from the photos above I'm not the only one who is feeling the heat.

Maison Martin Margiela // H&M

What's your jacket, Margiela? Soon enough kids, soon enough. November 15th the Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M goes on sale. Here are some goodies from the lookbook. Those burgundy boots with the plexiglass heel are insane, so is that little leather glove handbag.

Whenever I go into H&M I always end up finding the best stuff on the mens side, and this collection follows suit with the dudes getting some of the best offerings. Shoot I would wear the whole outfit on the left and those little white booties are pretty killer too.

spring '13 // dries van noten

If you have been following the coverage of the Spring '13 shows it was apparent that there was a backlash from the print explosion that was everywhere on the runways in the past few seasons. Many designers did away with prints altogether or went with a seriously sparse black and white palette. It did feel refreshing after the digital print extravanganza, but honestly I can't see myself wanting to dress head to toe in black come Spring.

Thank God for Dries Van Noten just doing his thing as usual, combining prints in a way that makes me want to involve myself in illegal activities just so I could afford an item or two. Come on, one regretful night for those plaid heels doesn't sound too bad.

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1994 // looney toons t-shirts

According to Urban Outfitters it's 1994 all over again friends! I for one couldn't be more excited because the 90's are by far the best decade known to man. Just check me out back then (that's me in the middle), rocking my grunge looney tunes t-shirt that I got at Water Country back in 94' lookin' all cool, rulin' those elementary hallways.

Obviously my shirt is way better than the one offered at Urban Outfitters (pre-fading is a little lame) but it certainly scratches that 90's itch.

UPDATE: Love how this photo was featured on under regrettable 90's trends. No regrets, no apologies! If Buzzfeed ever wants to re-do that blog with a single person providing photographic evidence that they were involved in every single one of those trends I think I might be able to do that.

T-shirt // Junk Food Looney Coolio Bugsy t-shirt $39 available at Urban Outfitters.